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Potter Mountain Redux

Now that I’m getting a lot more comfortable playing out in the subways, I’ve started to adapt songs from Spoke on Spokes to be played with my loop pedal. In the next week or two, I’ll have 3 or 4 songs put together and can hopefully start booking some real gigs as well. In the meantime, if you’ve never heard my sing live before…here’s your first listen.

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Here’s some footage of what I’ve been doing in the subways. Hoping to get some more material done by the close of the week to start getting some new stuff out there.


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Photos from Park Street

2nd night of busking I was able to snag a spot at the Green Line section of Park Street. I posted up for around an hour and a half, and had exponentially better success than I did my first night playing down at Copley. Met lots of great people, got a lot of great compliments, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. One guy even sat down and watched me play for 45 minutes. Others grabbed cds or my business card, and others took pictures. These photos were taken by graphic designer/photographer Jacob Fletcher, who happened to be walking by and snapped a few shots (his work can be found at www.jdotf.com).

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A big ol’ thank you to the folks at Allston Pudding for reposting my video on their blog! They were kind enough to post up my kickstarter during the summer as well. Good to know they’re looking out!



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Blizzard Inspiration

The song isn’t completely finished yet, but I wanted to add a visual aspect in the hopes that it would spark more people’s interest. The footage is from the 36 or so hour stretch of the storm. I think I made a total of 5 trips outside to get as much of a progression as I could. Seems like the residents of Allston made the best of it.

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