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Here goes nothing…




Just received this in the mail two days ago. I imagine I’ll start playing out in the next week or two. Let’s be real for a second…I haven’t been able to get a new day job for over two weeks now. I also don’t want some brainless job that I’m going to dread going to everyday. Blah blah complain complain. Long story short: I’ve spent enough of time talking about making a drastic move to get my music out there. I’ve spent enough time not doing what I love. See you out there, friends.

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Just purchased a loop pedal last week. Working on adapting a lot of my music into a live setting. Here’s a little sample. Lots more to come!

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Spoke on Spokes is Worldwide!

You can now purchase “Spoke on Spokes” through any major retailer, including itunes, amazon, and cdbaby! Or, stream the entire album on Spotify!


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