Here’s one of my newer projects. Check out the 6-song EP “Burger Time Classics” for free on Bandcamp.

Lots of new designs coming your way! Starting off with this fresh t-short print. Black shirts with cream ink available in S, M, and L $12. L and XL sizes of my other shirts are still available in my BigCartel shop, and at any show you see me at for $10. I should have these in shop two weeks from today! 

Join me every Monday and Wednesday night for my residency at Shakespeare’s on Sixth Street in Austin. 10:30pm-1:30amimage

False Dreams

Back in the Saddle…

The new year has been jam-packed with new and exciting things going on. Be sure to roll down to Shakepeares (6th St, Austin, TX ) every Monday and Wednesday  from 10:30pm-1:30am to check out a plethora of new material. On top of that, some big things for SXSW, new recordings, and a music video will be working there way out as we lead up to an official release on “Welcome Home, The Navigator”, which I’ve pathetically put off and delayed for over two years. The creative flow and focus has finally righted itself, and I’m excited to get all of these new pieces of the puzzle out to you, starting with “Miles Away”.